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Jurel Bakker is an artist who works at the intersection of ecology, art, and technology. She transforms the natural into a digital framework to investigate ecological issues within an artistic field. For Jurel, creating art in a time of planetary catastrophe begins by observing the world around her with a deep curiosity and love for the non-human world. Her work explores the topic of nitrogen pollution by delving into the relationships between nitrogen and various non-human beings. She wants to arouse curiosity and asks you to interact critically with and learn from your environment.



+31 651565191


2021-2023  MA, Ecology Futures, Master Institute of Visual Cultures, St. Joost, ' s-Hertogenbosch

2018-2020  Honours Programme, Interdisciplinary study programme, ArtEZ, Deventer

2017-2021   BA, Crossmedia Design, AKI ArtEZ, Enschede



2023  ctrl+A(RT), @hall of fame, Tilburg

2023  Adrift, A Shift, Graduation show, Willem Twee, 's Hertogenbosch

2023  Changing perspective, Kunstgarage Franx, Zoetermeer

2022  Sprouts 2022 Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam


2021  SBK Sprouts Young Talents, Stichting Beeldende Kunst (SBK), Amsterdam

2021  The Greater Number: ArtEZ @ Dutch Design Week, Klokgebouw, Eindhoven

2021  AKI finals, Graduation show, ArtEZ, Enschede

2019  Matters of Vision “BIO MATTERs artistic research program exhibition”, AKI, Enschede


2023 Research hub: Adrift, A shift, V2_ Lab, Rotterdam
2023  Toekomst-middag, artists talk & discussion circle, Kunstgarage Franx, Zoetermeer


2023  Finals compilation, Adrift, A Shift

2019  Grachten weer bovengronds halen in Enschede, Tubantia / 1Twente


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