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Which lichen are you?

"For animals, as well as plants, there have never been individuals. This new paradigim for biology asks new questions and seeks new relationships among the different living entities on earth. We are all Lichens".
-Scott F. Gilbert

Lichens, often overlooked yet fascinating organisms, hold worlds of knowledge. They are remarkable bioindicators, as they can offer valuable insights into the condition of our environment. Bio-indicating stimu­lates us to look closely, it lets us not only observe and map the organisms, but also the environment they grow in, the structures they grow on, and their relationships with other beings. With this, bio indicating could open curiosity towards the indi­cator, as you are immersing yourself into the life of the organism, you can easily become affected by it.


By stimulating bio-indicating this project aims to encourage people to take notice of lichens and comprehend their role in the intricate pollution network. This ongoing research project specifically focuses on creating a space for (digital) “passionate immersion”. To achieve this, I created Instagram filters to draw attention to lichens as bioindicators. The lichen featured in the filter is connected to your location, reflecting the air quality of your surroundings. These filters spark curiosity and prompt you to become aware of your environment, air pollution, and the interconnection between pollution and organisms.

Through this work, the viewer is invited to immerse themselves in the world of lichens and their bio-indicating capabilities.

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